A top U.S. Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT) and podcast host reviews our devices and garments in this video episode.

Our thanks go out to Betty Westbrook, PTA, CLT, host of the Lymphedema Podcast, for showing her listeners and followers our AIROS device and garments in this video! These type of “unboxing” videos give clinicians and patients insight into various equipment that can help them in their management of lymphatic and venous disorders.

In this 30-minute episode, Betty breaks down different features of the AIROS 6 device and associated compression garments that fit different parts of the body. You can view it here:

AIROS is a sponsor and follower of the podcast. Our CEO, Gerry Makoid, recently appeared in an interview with Betty in Episode 87. AIROS team members also met up with Betty and her team at the National Lymphedema Network (NLN) conference in Boston in October.

The Lymphedema Podcast can be downloaded on Apple iTunes and other podcast platforms. If you are a member of the lymphedema community and interested in learning more about treatment options and other useful information, be sure to follow Betty and the podcast on social media.





Darren Behuniak
Darren Behuniak

Darren is a co-founder of AIROS Medical and serves as Vice President of Operations & Marketing. His key responsibilities include: Purchasing & Inventory Management, Product Strategy & Development, Marketing & Sales Alignment, and FDA Regulatory Compliance & Quality Support.

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