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Comfortable, Reliable Garments for Upper Body Compression Therapy

Our upper body compression garments were designed with patient
comfort, ease-of-use, and clinical effectiveness in mind. Patients benefit from compression therapy treatment in the arms, shoulders, and upper truncal region of the body.

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Upper body compression garments for effective therapy

AIROS Medical’s upper body compression garments are made with a high-quality, durable, and comfortable material that is easy to clean. Each garment includes air tubing attached to a garment connector, which plugs directly into the device itself.

Some garment models treat only the arm, while the Arm Plus line treats the arm, shoulder, and upper truncal areas of the body.

AIROS compression garments were carefully designed with clinical support to support patients of all sizes and therapy needs.

KEY Features & SiZES

AIROS 6-Chamber & 8-Chamber Upper Extremity Compression Garments

The AIROS 6-Chamber and 8-Chamber full arm compression garments are intended for use with the FDA-cleared AIROS 6 and AIROS 8 Sequential Compression Devices. These upper extremity garments provide compression therapy for patients living with lymphedema, many times caused by breast cancer treatment.

6-Chamber Upper extremity Compression Garments
Individualized Fitting

Various Sizes

4 arm sizes available to comfortably fit patients
(two with 6 chambers, and two with 8 chambers).

Strategic Design

High-Quality Material

Durable, easy-to-clean material also allows for simple cleaning

Intuitive User Interface & Design

Ease of Use

Pull handles and O-ring zippers to facilitate easy application
and removal.

Covered by Insurance


Medicare billing code:
E0668 – Arm Garment

AIROS 6-Chamber Full Arm Compression Garments Sizing Chart

GarmentModelInseamCircumference (Axilla) Circumference (Elbow) Circumference (Wrist) 
Medium Arm6-MA0174cm (29”)56cm (22”)48cm (19”)33cm (13”)
Large Arm6-LA0181cm (32”)58cm (23”)51cm (20”)36cm (14”)

AIROS 8-Chamber Full Arm Compression Garments Sizing Chart

GarmentModelInseamCircumference (Axilla) Circumference (Elbow) Circumference (Wrist) 
Medium Arm8-MA0174cm (29”)56cm (22”)48cm (19”)33cm (13”)
Large Arm8-LA0181cm (32”)58cm (23”)51cm (20”)36cm (14”)

KEY Features & SiZES

AIROS Arm Plus Compression Garments

Ease of use meets effective post-mastectomy lymphedema therapy with the AIROS Arm Plus garment product line. AIROS Medical’s 6-chamber and 8-chamber Arm Plus garments treat lymphedema present in the arm, shoulder, and upper truncal region.

When used with the AIROS 6 or AIROS 8 Sequential Compression Device, the Arm Plus garments provide targeted compression therapy to assist lymphatic drainage.

The garments are available in both left and right models, and in two different colors. Included in the packaging are three (3) garment extension pieces to ensure proper fitting for any patient.

Arm Plus Compression Garments
Individualized Fitting

Left or Right Configuration

Arm Plus garments are available for the right arm/chest/shoulder or the left arm/chest/shoulder, and are available in two colors.

Strategic Design

Designed for Compliance

Added padding on the back of the garments and a high-quality hook and loop fastener system make it easy for the patient to apply and remove the garments themselves, driving compliance.

Intuitive User Interface & Design

Designed for Comfort

Neck padding enhances comfort for the patient during therapy, and extension pieces ensure proper fit.

Covered by Insurance


All 6-chamber & 8-chamber Arm Plus
garments are reimbursed by commercial insurance & Medicare.

  • 6-Chamber Set-Ups: AIROS 6 Device (E0651) + Arm Plus Garment (E0668)
  • 8-Chamber Set-Ups: AIROS 8 Device (E0652) + Arm Plus Garment (E0668)

Arm Plus Garment Models

GarmentModelColorBody Side
6-Chamber Arm Plus Left6-APL01GrayLeft
6-Chamber Arm Plus Right6-APR01GrayRight
6-Chamber Arm Plus Pink Left6-APLP01White/PinkLeft
6-Chamber Arm Plus Pink Right6-APRP01White/PinkRight
8-Chamber Arm Plus Left8-APL01GrayLeft
8-Chamber Arm Plus Right8-APR01GrayRight
8-Chamber Arm Plus Pink Left8-APLP01White/PinkLeft
8-Chamber Arm Plus Pink Right8-APRP01White/PinkRight


Learn How to Use the Arm Plus garment

YouTube player

Arm Plus Application Instructional Video

See how easy it is to put on and take off our Arm Plus Garment. Patients of any age can apply and remove the garment – a key to driving patient compliance at home.

Patient Success Stories

Stefon J.

“My experience so far has been outstanding. I have seen more and more reduction every time I use the pump. I am able to move faster and train harder with less pain which is incredible.”

— Stefon J., Patient, AIROS 6

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