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Reliable, Intuitive 6-Chamber Devices Ideal for the Medicare Population

Experience the innovation of the FDA-cleared AIROS 6 and groundbreaking 6P Sequential Compression Devices. Unleash advanced compression therapy to effectively treat and manage lymphedema, CVI, and various venous disorders. Elevate your therapy experience with these cutting-edge solutions today.

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The Industry’s Top E0651 Device For Leg & Arm Treatment

The AIROS 6 is a sequential compression device that provides an efficient, easy-to-use, and effective at-home treatment for patients with chronic swelling caused by lymphedema and a variety of other venous disorders. 

This device features 6 chambers that inflate and deflate to help move lymph fluid to reduce swelling, and like other compression devices, it is proven to stimulate the lymphatic system, enhance a patient’s quality of life, and can reduce instances of cellulitis. 

The AIROS team understands that self-management of lymphedema, chronic venous insufficiency, and symptoms of other venous disorders are paramount to helping patients live their best lives with little to no interruptions.


The AIROS 6-Chamber Model is for Use with Peristaltic Mode, Lower Truncal Treatment & Leg Garments.

The AIROS 6P model is based on the AIROS 6 device and provides all the same therapeutic benefits and most technical characteristics. The main difference is that the 6P features a third primary operating mode, the Peristaltic Mode, for use with Arm and Arm plus garments (upper extremity only). The AIROS 6P also works with AIROS’ pants garments to treat swelling in the legs and lower truncal area of the body, including the abdomen.