Making Compression Therapy Bearable
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User-Friendly Design Producing Effective Therapy & Driving Patient Compliance

Pneumatic compression therapy products are proven to treat lymphatic and venous disorders – but only if patients can easily operate the equipment and put on garments easily by themselves.

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AIROS devices and garments are engineered with ease of use in mind. This is because our decades of experience in compression medical technology have taught us a trusted formula.

  • Simplicity in medical equipment increases the chances of patient compliance.
  • Higher compliance drives more effective clinical treatment.
  • Better treatment produces positive outcomes that allow mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, loved ones, and friends to live healthier, more active lifestyles.
  • We love watching our patients get better. Learn more about the products that our patients – and their trusted lymphedema therapists and medical professionals – rely on every day.
Compression Garments

Durable, Comfortable Compression Garments

Leg and arm compression garments utilized with our AIROS 6 and AIROS 8 devices to move lymphatic fluid, increase blood flow, and enhance patient mobility.

Compression Devices

Reliable, Versatile Compression
Home Therapy Devices

AIROS’ team has engineered compression devices that blend top medical technology with sound clinical direction.


Are you a patient with questions about your device? A DME supplier interested in learning about compression devices? A clinician seeking product information? Please contact us to speak with an AIROS Medical representative.