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High-Performing 8-Chamber Devices for Upper Body, Lower Body & Truncal Treatment

The FDA-cleared AIROS 8 and new 8P Sequential Compression Devices are
advanced compression therapy devices utilized for the treatment
and management of lymphedema, CVI, and other venous disorders.

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High-Performing, Versatile
8-Chamber Device for Lymphedema Treatment

The AIROS 8 is an FDA-cleared Sequential Compression Device that provides intermittent pneumatic compression therapy treatment for both the upper and lower extremities as well as the trunk . This device features 8 chambers that inflate and deflate, providing advanced treatment options for patients suffering from lymphedema in the legs or arms, abdominal and pelvic swelling, breast-cancer related lymphedema, lipedema, or venous insufficiency.

Like the AIROS 6 and other sequential compression devices before it, this device has been proven effective in stimulating lymphatic function and directing fluid away from damaged areas toward the healthier functioning regions of the body. It accomplishes this by providing the patient with cycles of compressed air at certain adjustable pressure and then inflating and deflating the garments to move fluid.

Our expert engineers designed this device so that patients with these chronic conditions have an easy-to-use device to manage their symptoms.


8-Chamber Model for Use with Peristaltic Mode, Lower Truncal Treatment & Larger Leg Garments

The AIROS 8P model is based on the AIROS 8 device and provides all the same therapeutic benefits and most technical characteristics. The main difference is that the 8P features a third primary operating mode, the Peristaltic Mode, for use with Arm and Arm plus garments (upper extremity only). The AIROS 8P also works with AIROS’ pants garments to treat swelling in the legs and lower truncal area of the body, including the abdomen.