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“Lipedema: What Do We Know and Where Are We Going?”

Access one of our most recent webinars about lipedema — a condition often clouded by misconceptions and diagnostic challenges. The webinar, “Lipedema: What Do We Know and Where Are We Going?,” is presented by the esteemed Dr. Aaron Aday from Vanderbilt University Medical Center and hosted by one of our Clinical Advisors, Adie MacKenzie.

You will learn about various factors related to lipedema, including the evolution of this condition, recent research results, and lipedema’s differences with and impacts on lymphedema. You will also hear about different lipedema management strategies, treatment options, and potential results from the use of pneumatic compression devices.

Thank you for your interest in this webinar presentation! We hope you will join future educational sessions presented by AIROS Medical and our clinical partners.

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