No Trial Needed: An Advanced E0651 Upper Extremity CompDevice & Garment System for Medicare-Aged Lymphedema Patients

Earlier this year we launched our line of Arm Plus compression therapy garments ideal for treating lymphedema present in the arm, shoulder, chest, and torso areas. The Arm Plus garments are available in both 6 chambers (used primarily for E0651 patients with the AIROS 6 Sequential Compression Device) and 8 chambers (used with the AIROS 8 Sequential Compression Device).

Patients across America are benefitting from the high-quality treatment these comfortable, easy-to-apply garments provide. This includes breast cancer patients on Medicare who have traditionally been underserved and burdened with high co-pays for treatment.

Our team and our DME partners work with lymphedema therapists – including various NLN members – every day. Learn more about this product line below, and please fill out the form on this page to receive additional information.

We also invite you to register for the 2020 National Lymphedema Network (NLN) Virtual Conference, taking place next weekend, October 23-27. AIROS Medical will be a Gold Sponsor, participate in the virtual Exhibit Hall, and present our Arm Plus garment line. We will also be giving away various prizes the event! You can learn more about the conference and register here

Arm Plus Garment Features & Benefits

  • High Patient Compliance: Patients can easily put on and take off the Arm Plus garment by themselves, driving compliance at home.
  • High Patient Comfort: Padding on the back and neck areas enhances patient comfort during therapy.
  • Reimbursement: The Arm Plus garments are reimbursed by Medicare and commercial insurance.
  • No Trial Needed: The 6-chamber Arm Plus garment is reimbursed by Medicare without a trial. Patients can receive effective treatment immediately, and financial burdens are reduced.
  • Sizing: Each garment package includes 3 hook-and-fastener/Velcro®-type extension pieces to allow for proper fitting for the high majority of patients (body circumference from 30″-54″).
  • Models: The Arm Plus garments are available in two colors (white/pink and dark gray/white) and in both left and right body orientations.

For more information, please complete the web form, email, or call us at 1-866-991-6956.