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Video Overview: New Pants Garments Available for Abdominal, Pelvic & Leg Swelling

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Truncal Garments Feature Pants Configuration to Treat Leg and Abdominal Swelling

We are thrilled to now offer these new pants garments that help treat the entire lower body, delivering compression therapy to the legs, abdomen, lower back, and hip areas.

These garments are made from the same durable, comfortable material as our full leg, arm, and Arm Plus upper body garments. They feature pull handles and O-ring zippers to for easy application and removal by patients.

Various size are available with different inseams and circumferences. 

Download: Pants-DXWL Garment Measurements


New AIROS 8P Device: Choose from Gradient Sequential or Peristaltic Compression Therapy Modes

Our new AIROS 8P device is an upgraded version of our advanced 8-chamber device that adds Peristaltic Mode functionality. The Peristaltic Mode delivers wave-like inflation sequences, as the pressure is not held in all chambers throughout a cycle of treatment. Some lymphedema therapists we have worked with prefer this type of therapy for patients with upper extremity swelling.

The AIROS 8P device is now among the only devices on the market with the ability to be operated in Gradient Sequential or Peristaltic mode functionality. The choice is yours on what type of treatment you would like for each patient.

Products Designed with Patients & Lymphedema Therapists in Mind

Our compression therapy product line was developed with the help of lymphedema therapists, physicians, and patients battling lymphatic and venous disorders.

We put patients and healthcare providers first.

Please contact us immediately if you would like to schedule an in-service or speak with a product or clinical expert.


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