A New Treatment Solution for Upper Extremity Lymphedema Patients

Finally: A User-Friendly, Affordable Compression Device Alternative for Medicare-Aged Patients

AIROS Medical’s leadership and clinical teams have specialized in pneumatic compression for nearly 20 years. Our 6-chamber and 8- chamber sequential compression devices – working with our line of Arm Plus compression therapy garments – are ideal for treating lymphedema present in the arm, shoulder, chest, and torso areas.

Patients across America are benefitting from the high-quality treatment these comfortable, durable, easy-to-apply garments provide. These include breast cancer patients on Medicare who have traditionally been underserved and burdened with high co-pays for treatment.

Our team and our DME partners work with lymphedema therapists – including various LANA members – every day. Learn more about this product line below, and please fill out the form on this page to receive additional information.

Arm Plus Garment Features & Benefits

  • High Patient Compliance: Patients can easily put on and take off the Arm Plus garment by themselves, driving compliance at home.
  • High Patient Comfort: Padding on the back and neck areas enhances patient comfort during therapy.
  • Reimbursement: The Arm Plus garments are reimbursed by Medicare and commercial insurance.
  • No Trial Needed: The 6-chamber Arm Plus garment is reimbursed by Medicare (E0651 device plus arm garment billing) without a trial. Patients can receive effective treatment immediately, and financial burdens are reduced.
  • Sizing: Each garment package includes 3 hook-and-fastener/Velcro®-type extension pieces to allow for proper fitting for the high majority of patients (body circumference from 30″-54″).
  • Models: The Arm Plus garments are available in two colors (white/pink and dark gray/white) and in both left and right body orientations.
  • Additional Therapy Modes: Clearing Mode (mimicking Manual Lymphatic Drainage) and Focal Mode (for fibrotic tissue) can be used before main gradient sequential therapy on both the E0651 6-chamber AIROS 6 device and the advanced 8-chamber AIROS 8 device

Virtual or in-person clinical in-services are available. For more information, please complete the web form, email info@airosmedical.com, or call us at 1-866-991-6956.

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