Like lymphedema in adults, pediatric lymphedema occurs when a child has a chronic accumulation of fluid that causes a region of their body to swell. Although lymphedema is rare in children, only affecting 1.15/100,000 people less than age 20, for the children that it does affect the condition can be scary and challenging for them and their families to navigate together.

Enter Camp Watchme and Brylan’s Feat Foundation.  Brylan’s Feat Foundation was the brainchild of Brittany Williams and her husband when their new baby, Brylan, was diagnosed with lymphedema at 11 months old.

The mission of Brylan’s Feat Foundation is to assist in providing necessary treatment to pediatric lymphedema patients who are in financial need, help raise awareness, and promote education of this disease.

And even more exciting is the fact that out of this fabulous non-profit dedicated to pediatric lymphedema came Camp Watchme, the first summer camp of its kind for kids with pediatric lymphedema.

Camp Watchme allows children living with lymphedema to have a summer camp experience with some peers who are battling the same condition. Children are encouraged to bring a parent or caregiver to participate in educational sessions and an array activities including hikes and games. Attendees learn more about lymphedema therapies and how to better manage their condition. Kids attending can also receive hands-on treatment from certified lymphedema therapists. Parents and caregivers also obtain invaluable education and emotional support through group sessions, and get to see their children thrive.

This year’s Camp Watchme 2022 will be held at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado from June 7-11, 2022, and is for kids age 5-17.

AIROS Medical to Sponsor, Attend Camp Watchme 2022

AIROS Medical is proud to partner with such a dedicated organization and help sponsor this summer’s camp experience for this group of deserving youngsters and their parents.

Michael Allerton, VP of Sales for AIROS Medical, and Adrien Mackenzie, one of our trusted clinical advisors, will be attending in hopes of learning more about how the work we do can help this group of young patients who are figuring out the best way to manage their condition. Our team will be able to inform camp attendees about our product line, and Mackenzie will also be a counselor during a portion of the camp.

For more information on Camp Watchme visit their website at  If you need more information on AIROS Medical’s current product solutions, call us directly today at 866-991-6956 or visit our product page:




Darren Behuniak
Darren Behuniak

Darren is a co-founder of AIROS Medical and serves as Vice President of Operations & Marketing. His key responsibilities include: Purchasing & Inventory Management, Product Strategy & Development, Marketing & Sales Alignment, and FDA Regulatory Compliance & Quality Support.

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